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The HCC Develops Workplace Wellness Programs for Area Employers

The Health Care Collaborative of Rural Missouri worked in conjunction with Grace Research Group, Inc. to launch a series of workplace wellness programs with area employers including Lexington R-V School District, I-70 Community Hospital, Good Shepherd, and Missouri Valley Community Action Agency. Now that these programs have concluded, case studies will be available to review outcomes.

To support this endeavor, the HCC launched Wellness Works! a virtual fitness web site designed to help employers and employees develop healthy lifestyles at the workplace.  The site includes a variety of assessment tools that gage everything from body mass index and caloric intake to full body analysis and targeted heart rate.

The site enables employers to glean cumulative reports that depict number of physcial fitness hours, smoking cessation rates, stress levels and much more.  As the cumulative data shows steady improvements, employers can rally insurance providers to reduce health insurance premiums based on improved employee wellness outcomes. However, it is important to note that the primary purpose of a workplace wellness program is to identify one's current health status so that active steps can be done to improve or maintain this status. Reduced insurance premiums may be the outcome, but should always be considered as a long range goal.

To learn more, visit Wellness Works! or contact the HCC at 660.259.2440.  Feel free to visit Workplace Wellness Case Studies to learn how other companies are benefiting from wellness programs.

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