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Wellness Case Study


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Missouri Valley Community Action Agency Workplace Wellness Case Study

Problem: Sedentary Lifestyle, Unhealthy BMI
Employees with the Missouri Valley Community Action Agency (MVCAA) in Marshall, MO demonstrated high stress levels, sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy nutritional habits and an unhealthy BMI with an average waist girth of 41. Additionally, almost half of the group who opted-in to the employee wellness program were either prehypertension stage or above. About a third of the group’s cholesterol level screened borderline high or high.

Solution: Weight and Nutrition Management
Grace Research Group, Inc. in conjunction with the Health Care Coalition (HCC) of Lafayette County, targeted two interventions: weight reduction and nutrition management. The group was required to gauge physical activity hours (approximately 10,000 steps daily) with the use of pedometers, journal food intake, leverage the Wellness Works! web site to chart this information and utilize wellness health calculators. The group weighed-in both on a weekly basis internally and on a monthly basis with the wellness coach. The group was asked to reduce soda intake, increase water intake and reduce or eliminate snack foods. Additionally, the group received several wellness online tools that included everything from meal planning and food journals to free online exercise videos. A trainer and a nutritionist also visited with the group.

Cumulative Outcome: Waist Girth and Weight Reduction

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Workplace Wellness
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