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Our Mission (Watch Video)
HCC has a strong mission:  To cultivate partnerships and deliver quality health care to strengthen rural communities. The Healthcare Collaborative of Rural Missouri (HCC) is a rural health network that provides the leadership necessary to secure comprehensive services to Lafayette County residents.  The focus of the HCC is to develop and implement programs that are responsive to documented health needs of county residents, with specific health status indicators as benchmarks for progress on addressing those needs. The HCC implements and supports countywide programs that help create access to education, awareness, prevention and treatment of healthcare conditions. HCC works directly with service providers such as Lafayette Regional Health Center (LRHC), Rodgers-Lafayette Dental and Health Clinic (SURHC), Pathways Community Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. (Pathways), and the Lafayette County Health Department (LCHD).

HCC is governed by a ten member Executive Board of Directors and supported by a 25 plus member General Membership Committee.  The Board is comprised of leaders in healthcare and social services in the county including CEO’s from Pathways, Lafayette Regional Health Center, SURHC, LCHD, University of Missouri Extension and Care Connection for Aging Services.  The Executive Board also includes the 4 Life Center, City of Higginsville Economic Development and the Migrant Farmworker's Project.  Each organization is allowed one voting member.  HCC Board members ensure that the HCC is developing and implementing innovative and integrated programs that encourage collaboration, cultural competency and sustainability.  HCC’s Board has term limits for officer’s positions but due to the nature of our network board we do not have term limits on board members. Board members are designated (not elected) by the organization that makes up the Network. We have a policies and procedure manual that includes Administrative, Financial and Personnel policies and procedures.  These policies have a Conflict of Interest policy that includes a prohibition against nepotism.

Rural Health Clinics
Through the newly established Live Well Community Health Centers of Waverly and Concordia, HCC is increasing the capacity of the clinic to accommodate expanded dental services. The target population is uninsured, low-income adults, age 18-64, living in Lafayette County. These patients will be referred from the emergency department at Lafayette Regional Health Center, from the Missouri Valley Community Action Agency, or be family members of children receiving dental services through the clinic.

With support from our funders, the clinic will provide direct dental care services for 3,750 dental visits from up to 1,000 unique patients. Through the newly established Live Well Community Health Center in Waverly and Concordia Missouri, HCC is increasing the capacity of the clinics to accommodate expanded dental services for this vulnerable population. Major outcomes expected are a decrease of at least 10% in the cost of dental care in the emergency room, and at least a 25% improvement in self-reported oral health status for the target population.

HCC Staff
Including both Network and Clinics currently the HCC has 28 staff members,   The Executive Director has led the HCC for the past seven years during a period of tremendous expansion.  We are recognized nationally as an expert in developing and growing a rural health network that has made, and continues to make, a significant impact on the health and well-being of un- and underinsured clients in need of healthcare within Lafayette County. HCC’s staff and network members bring extensive knowledge and leadership skills to the development and implementation of policies and programs that are increasing access to and quality healthcare from prevention to treatment, throughout the county. HCC staff participates in trainings and meetings which make them aware of our community and the best way to meet the needs of our communities, particularly the un- and under-insured.

HCC is in the process of opening up new access points for quality healthcare services to the most vulnerable population. The HCC is responsible for coordinating services for the most vulnerable in our community. For example, the HCC is working with Pathways and Lafayette Regional Health Center (LRHC) to implement telehealth in six sites in the county to reduce the cost of travel to and from appointments.  This project will also promote the integration of primary care and mental health services in clients. HCC is also responsible for the establishment of a Health Information Technology (HIT) workgroup that successfully implemented a reimbursement program for local providers to begin practicing electronic prescriptions, the installation of an electronic medical record program in the emergency room of LRHC as well as the continuation of electronic medical records at Pathways. This is critical in rural Missouri because it brings together a greater number of providers in different disciplines to address healthcare needs in rural Missouri. HCC will continue to partner with providers in our county to strengthen the healthcare delivery system.

Advocacy and Outreach
HCC is connected to several local, state and national advocacy organizations in order to be apprised of issues surrounding healthcare for our service area.  We constantly scan the multiple issues that affect our residents through our involvement with the local, state and federal organizations.  We continue to communicate with our elected officials through our eNewsletter, Facebook, Twitter, emails and personal phone calls through legislative staff.  The legislative staff in our area have been very supportive of HCC’s mission and have helped advocate for our work at the state and federal level. HCC communicates to our network members (which consists of over 25 organizations), their partners, vendors and funding partners to determine policy work and developing resources for our network and affiliated members.  Through one of our federal grants, Social Innovation for Missouri, we are taking a look at several policy and advocacy issues around tobacco and obesity as well as training for advocacy and lobbying restrictions.  HCC is the trusted source in our area and it is through our network members that our advocacy work is recognized.

HCC reaches network members, communities and legislators through our website, social media pages, eNewsletters and press releases.  We also utilize our network to spread the word through their media plans. HCC works closely with a media expert headquartered in the county to develop and convey clear and consistent messages regarding its programs, activities and outcomes to all audiences it addresses. HCC seeks legal advice when necessary.  Currently, HCC does not participate in any lobbying activities. In an effort to incorporate culture and diversity in our policy efforts we continually work with our network members to gather feedback about population served, those who are not being served and possibilities on how to increase that access, particularly for the Medicaid, uninsured and underinsured.

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