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E-prescriptions, electronic health records (EMRs), patient health records (PHRs), emergency department information system (EDIS), telehealth, telemedicine and on and on. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of health care technology, join the Health Care Collaborative of Rural Missouri--the premier rural health network in Missouri.

Rural Health Information Technology Workgroup

The HCC is working to address access to health care issues through many different technology efforts in Lafayette County and surrounding areas.  Teaming up with many partners including the local hospitals, practitioners, mental health providers, health departments and health education members, the HCC will work to expand telemedicine access, EMR implementation and distance learning within the region. We have also teamed up with the Missouri Telehealth Network as an added bonus to our members. Follow this link to learn how this partnership benefits our members.

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In working with funding partners such as HRSA, USDA and our local foundations, the HCC--a non-profit 501 c3 organization, strives to bring telemedicine to many unique partners including schools, jails and community organizations.   This includes working with schools to build school-based clinics so children without health care have access to services like primary care, dental and mental health services.  

The HCC is also aware that providing health care services to inmates is a challenge for area jails and prisons.  Something very simple could mean a trip to the Emergency Department. To curtail using the ER as the initial point of service, the HCC is looking to provide these institutions with telemedicine support.

Additional goals include the following:

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Area Providers Forge Ahead with Health IT:
Lafayette Regional Health Center

I-70 Community Hospital
Pathways Behavioral Community Healthcare, Inc.