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Advocating for the Health and Wellness of Lafayette County and Surrounding Areas

The Health Care Collaborative has established committees to advocate improvements in Lafayette County and surrounding areas' medical, dental, behavioral health, and overall health and wellness.

Each committee reports to the HCC Executive Board at least twice a year to disclose status reports, action plans and projected outcomes designed to support HCC's mission and goals.

The committees include:

Health Information Technology (HIT)

The HIT Committee is responsible for developing a strategic plan for identifying and addressing the health information technology (HIT) needs of providers and patients. This will directly impact the county's health care services by offering continuity from one provider to another—enabling patient-centered care to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Currently, the HCC has established a HIT workgroup to expand telehealth initiatives in the West Central Missouri area. This workgroup will work to expand primary care services to area school children and inmates via telehealth centers, and distance learning capabilities. Visit the Health IT section to learn more. To join the workgroup, contact the HCC at 660.259.2440.

Helpful Links:

Rural Health Initiative

The goal of the Rural Health Initiative is to help promote and expand quality healthcare in Rural Missouri


Social Services

Suzanne Smith, Chair
The goal of the Social Services Committee is to promote, use and retain local social service agencies in Lafayette County for the underserved population. Initiatives include the following:




The HCC of Rural Missouri is always looking for people to promote our mission. Call 660.259.2440 for more information.