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My recommitment to YOU!

Whew!  These past few months have FLOWN by and I have been promising Tonia that I would do a weekly blog...While I am a bit behind I am making a commitment to this blog and will try my very best to post something weekly that is noteworthy, quick to read and easy to implement.  I am fortunate to belong to a wonderful organization, National Cooperative of Health Networks Association, Inc. (NCHN) and I am at their annual conference this week where I have an opportunity to interact with my peers and brainstorm new activities and programs for our network.  This morning I participated in a leadership group session that reminded me about my values as a leader.  My values are very simple:  Honesty, Integrity, Hardworking and Kindness.  We went around the room and shared our values with the team as well as had an opportunity to hear from our peers about how they viewed us as leaders.  It was fun for me to compliment the members of our leadership team and see their smiles as they read what others wrote about them.  I challenge you to think about your leadership values and recommit to them, if necessary.  Also, find time, in your busy day to compliment those around you and help them to bring out the best in their style.  Have a great week - go out and do spectacular things!!

As always, thanks for reading!